A short reflection on playing DFS on sites like DraftKings and Fanduel

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2020 was the first year I started taking Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) somewhat seriously.

In 2019, I was lucky — emphasis on lucky — enough to win a showdown/single game tournament in NBA on DraftKings and later in the year finish second place in an NFL contest on FanDuel. Those achievements not only provided a nice bankroll to splash around with in small stakes DFS contests going forward, but they also made me want to get better and continue that initial success, because, well, winning and profiting off fantasy sports is fun, exhilarating even.

It was during the latter…

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I’ll be honest: I didn’t finish reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1964).

You see, I’ve wanted to start this project for a few months — to come up with and ultimately discuss the best books that relate, somewhat broadly, to Nature. (Consider it a bookshelf that I figure the natural world would be proud of.)

Silent Spring seemed like the ideal starting point.

Carson’s landmark book is often considered a beginning for modern environmentalism. Crack it open for the first time and the problems addressed may not seem so distant…

Specifically, and as most of us likely know, the book…

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These are three books that I’ve personally found to be immensely informative–and also very approachable–in my desire to know more about our food culture. From the shifting state of agriculture over the past century to future food logistics that feel straight out of an episode of Black Mirror, these books–I hope–will serve you well in whatever sort of journey you may have to know more about food, sustainability, and (not as much as the other two, but still) nutrition.


The Unsettling of AmericaWendell Berry (1977)
This book was meant to be a criticism of what I have called…

Not dreams as in the goals I aspire for — but quite literally, what I’ve been dreaming about lately

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Last week I had a dream that really stuck out in my mind. Which doesn’t happen often, given the way dreams work — usually you wake up the next day and can’t quite remember the details of that dream. So you forget about it.

But this dream was different, because I still remember it distinctly.

In this very short dream I had, I must have been shopping at some sort of department store. What I recall is being at the counter of this supposed store with a box in-hand, ready to pay.

So then I hand the box over to…

Was it Worth the Wait?


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For the un-initiated: Mindhunter is a Netflix original that follows the FBI’s behavioral science unit — their speciality, serial killers.

Beginning in the late 1970s and following real events, season 1 takes us along through the development of this groundbreaking method for studying killers, focusing on their psychology and — to be somewhat redundant — learning what goes on inside their “mind” through interviews with notorious murderers.

Season 2 sees this methodology put into practice, used to solve the Atlanta Child Murders, which occurred from 1979–1981 — an investigation that was actually re-opened a few months ago.

Both season…

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At the beginning of July, I decided to resume my Medium membership so that I could read and interact on here more freely. I wanted to get into the habit of perusing articles on Medium every single day — because If I’m going to write regularly, I also want to read regularly so as to better understand the Medium landscape.

And frankly, as I said a month ago, it’s only fair that I check out the work of people who are showing an interest in what I have to say. You get what you give.

In July I consumed tons…

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From the standpoint of viewer traffic and money, there’s just no way-no how. YouTube is the most successful and profitable video streaming platform out there. I could rattle off the statistics, but I believe we all know good and well how mega-popular YouTube is. No offense to Medium, but, a comparison to YouTube — on almost any level — would clearly be a futile task.

That said, I’m going to go against my own judgement and compare Medium to YouTube. Just hear me out for a second.

Just like anyone can arrive here on Medium and write about whatever his…

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This past week I tore through HBO’s most recent true crime documentary, “Who Killed Garrett Phillips?” — a two part, roughly three-hour long deep dive into the murder of a 12 year old boy in Potsdam, New York, in 2011.

The story grabbed me from the moment it began: how the crime occurred in the blink of an eye, with no eye-witnesses; how the primary suspect — Nick Hillary — was an ex-lover of Phillips’ mom and a black man in a predominately white community; and how there’s no substantial evidence.

Like any good true crime doc, over the course…

A short, simple reminder

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Last week I decided to go on a hike at a nearby park. Given the heat wave that was brutalizing much of the country, I was especially excited — knowing that I wouldn’t run into as many people and that it’d be quiet, except for the sweet sounds of nature of course.

The hike reminded me of a really simple lesson: slow down.

Be patient.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m in this purgatory state between finishing grad school in May and now searching for a job. The anxiety mounts each and every day that I don’t hear back…

Maybe you can, but I can’t

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I’m currently in this limbo period between having finished grad school in May and starting (or in a way taking the next step towards) a career, and it’s bringing up a lot of the same feelings I felt three years ago, when I had just finished undergrad — a ton of anxiety, mostly.

Like three years ago, I completed a degree in a liberal arts field — English, unsurprisingly — and now I see two paths: the conventional and the unconventional (aka, me ripping off Robert Frost and just using different terminology).

The conventional route, as I see it, is…

Nick DeMott

Naturalist + Old Man at Heart

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